The Race to End Poverty's Fundraising Campaign

The Race to End Poverty
April 27, 2013
7901 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase
April 10, 2013

Be a part of the race to end poverty in our area!

A Wider Circle is dedicated to helping children and adults lift themselves out of poverty, but we cannot succeed without you! As a team or an individual, you can ask your family and friends to support you by creating a fundraising page to help end poverty in our region.

How donations support our work:

$33.00 ensures that one person can receive all of his or her basic need items, from beds and dressers to dishes, pots, and pans.

$80.00 fuels the change for an entire day. We spend $30,000 a year on fueling our trucks; an $80 gift takes care of an entire day.

$250.00 provides a series of educational workshops at our new Center for Professional Development.

$500.00 funds a beautification project at a low-income school or neighborhood.

Thank you for being part of the movement to end poverty!

Top fundraising teams

e-Management Team Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 1,800
90% of $ 2,000 Goal
Team Lily Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 735
147% of $ 500 Goal
Rock Creek Hills "Runners" Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 533
27% of $ 2,000 Goal
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Top fundraisers

Martin Durbin Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 500
50% of $ 1,000 Goal
Lily Gottesman Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 455
91% of $ 500 Goal
Debbie Michaels Supporting A Wider Circle, Inc.
$ 325
33% of $ 1,000 Goal
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Fundraising progress

$ 20,000
$ 5,210.00
May 4, 2013

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$ 5,210 Raised

A Wider Circle, Inc.

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Martin Durbin
Erica Kolatch
Friend of e-Management
george and phyllis cohen

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